Adora a Jesus is a transformation process continuing in every place that worship the name of Christ, as one voice. The invitation is to all the Church join and connect in a worship call.


AMERICA #AdoraAJesus

NOVEMBER 18 2017 · Miami · Bayfront Park

We proclaim

This should be taught

The Continent returns to its original design. Renouncing all slavery and orphanhood as a son who returns to the house of His Father.

"He immediately set off to return home to his father. He was still far away when his father saw him and, deeply moved, ran to meet him, took him in his arms and kissed him." Lk 15:20

Continental proclamation

Today we return to the road, we become, as a body, we recognize that we have squandered their goods, badly used their gifts, His authority, His name, but we have reconsidered and decided to return. Dad, we see you come running, we lose ourselves in your embrace and we enjoy being close to you again. Today we are together again, not because we deserve it but because of who you are! We align ourselves with your voice and commit ourselves to live your word as your faithful representatives in this generation.



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